What is Guided Erotica

The stories I write and publish at GuidedErotica.com aren’t far different from any hardcore erotica, except mine include instructions — which I call “guidance” — after each section. So as you’re reading, the story is interspersed with guidance that gives you certain masturbatory actions to perform that, ideally, will result in you having an orgasm at just the right moment in the story!


All these stories are written from a second person point-of-view. This is so it puts you, personally, into the stories. It’s a much more intimate experience because it allows me to address you directly, and helps you to visualize yourself in the various Guided Erotica situations.

So instead of, “She stepped into the room and all the women turned to look at her,” a Guided Erotica story would read, “You stepped into the room and all the women turned to look at you.

It can be a little unusual at first because there aren’t many books or stories written in the second person (unless you’re kind of a nerd like me, and you’re also a fan of the old choose-your-own-adventure books from the 80s!), so think of it as me whispering the story in your ear, rather than you reading it from a page, and hopefully it’ll heighten your experience!


At the end of each sequence are masturbation instructions (known as “guidance”) for you to follow. Do as it tells you during the next section of the story, until you receive more guidance. This allows us to coordinate your experience with the events in the story, and bring everything to a climax at just the right moment!

The guidance is formatted differently to the story text so you know when you’ve got something you need to do before continuing reading. There’ll also be a break after each guidance, before the story continues.

Guidance can mean lots of different things. It might have you stand up to read the next section, or kneel down. It’ll give you specific ways to touch yourself, advise you on toys to use and how to use them, and even tell you how you need to be dressed (or undressed!) at particular points in the story.

So for the most part, you might need to read these stories in privacy! But I’m working on some that’ll potentially work in more public places, too…


Try not to rush while you’re reading. The pacing is intended to give you an experience between 15 and 20 minutes, just like a porn video does (apparently that’s the optimal balance between masturbatory stimulus and reaching an orgasm!).

So take your time, and hold yourself back a little if you have to. Read slowly, pay attention to whatever actions you’ve been given to do, and give yourself time to enjoy it all!

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