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Sweet Lesbians: Waking You Up With a Strap-on

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I’m feeling super generous today, so I’m going to wake you up from your nap in the nicest way I can think of… with my strap-on dildo!

Join now, and find out what happens next!


Just right now, what I’d really like to do is tip-toe into your bedroom, just as you’re starting to wake up. You’ll be all horny from dreaming about girls (naturally!) but still a bit groggy, and stretchy, and happily dozing.

While you’re all laid out like that it makes it easy to kiss the parts of you that are normally out of reach. Like the backs of your shoulders and upper arms, the backs of your knees, the small of your back, and then brushing your luscious hair up across the pillow so I can kiss the back of your neck, and just behind your ears, and under your jaw line.

Long and slow and savoring every part of you while you moan lightly and move around the bed to give me access to every bit of you that I want, all while you’re still on the blissful edge of sleep…

separatorTake all your clothes off, and stretch out on the bed to carry on reading. I want you open, relaxed, exposed and fully accessible. Follow what you’re told to do as you read along. If you have a dildo, get it ready. If not, we’ll just use your fingers…


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