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Cuckquean Chronicles: Paying by Pussy

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When it turns out your student can’t afford the mentoring you’ve given her, she works out a sexy trade with you and your husband…


She takes a step closer to the sofa where you’re sitting, looking up at her. Your knees touch, and she runs a finger around her exposed midriff as she gives you a smoldering look.

You tell her that you’re always open to negotiations, but any deals you agree to will involve both your and your husband, so you need to know that she likes cock as well as pussy.

“Oh my god, yes!” she blurts. “I’ll fuck and suck anything you tell me to! And believe me when I tell you just how flexible I can be.”

You tell her you always insist on fully inspecting any new cuckcake fuck toys before giving them to your husband, and tell her to drop her tight little shorts.

She’s suddenly a bit apprehensive, being ordered to expose herself on command like that, but after a moment’s thought (about whether or not she wants to keep her scholarship, you guess), she hooks her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts. You stop her, and tell her to turn around as she takes them down.

Her long, coltish legs remain perfectly straight as she slides her shorts down, until her face is right next to her knees, leaning to the side slightly so she can look back at you. She watches you taking a long, lustful look up her amazing legs, to her tight, perfect ass and at the perfectly shaved pussy peeking out from between her muscular thighs.

You slide a hand between her luxurious inner thighs, and push them apart. She remains bent over as steps her feet wider apart for you, and you notice that her sweet, naked cunt is starting to glisten…


Time to start warming up your clit now. Give it a nice slow rub, to get your juices flowing just like Lucy’s are as she bends right over in front of you to expose those tight, sexy holes that your husband is going to love fucking…

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