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Somnophilia: The Star of Your Own Porno

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You settle in for a sexy night watching porn with your boyfriend, only to discover you’re the unconscious star of the hardcore movie!


The quality of his favorite porn movie certainly isn’t great, you think, as it gets started. This is just a camcorder on a tripod in someone’s living room. Hardly high quality filth! Then again, you’ve watched a lot of homemade stuff that gets incredibly extreme, so who knows.

You’re aching to fuck this guy, but this is at least prolonging the anticipation, which is sexy. You lean into him, sliding your legs over his, rubbing against his hard shoulder and arm with your tits, and lacing your fingers into his.

He’s watching the movie pretty intently, and nudges you to pay more attention. What’s with this guy, preferring a cheap porno over the real thing?

As you begrudgingly look over at the TV, your heart begins to pound in your chest as you see Glynn – the guy you’re rubbing up against right now – walk from behind the camcorder! He’s leaning over and looking straight into the camera to check it’s recording, and he smiles his devilish smile and winks.

You give him a playful slap on the arm, and laugh, telling him you didn’t know he was a porn star! Maybe this will get good after all!
“We’re both porn stars,” he laughs, pointing at the TV.

Your smile evaporates immediately when you see him there on the screen, carrying a sleeping girl into the room and dumping her unceremoniously onto the sofa. Her short dress, which is pretty much up around her waist at this point, looks very familiar.
You continue to watch in shock as Glynn takes the unconscious girl by the hair and roughly lifts her head up so the camera can see her face properly.

Your heart almost stops beating inside your chest when you see yourself on the screen, with your eyes closed and a totally vacant expression on your face!


Lose the panties now, and spread your legs as wide as they’ll go. Imagine yourself being on camera, right now, with your pussy on full show. Hold yourself open for your audience to get a good, proper look at your cunt, now that you’re an unwitting porn star! Keep it held open as you carry on reading. You can touch your clit gently, but no rubbing and no fingering yet…

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