Join the Guided Erotica Discord Chat Room

Discord is a free messenger system, a bit like Slack or Skype, or like old internet chat rooms used to be. It lets people get together online to talk about… well, anything at all! In our case, the Guided Erotica chat rooms are there for us to chat about our fantasies, favorite erotica, porn and any other sexy talk you might want to enjoy with like-minded adults! 😍

It’s completely free to join, and it’s totally anonymous, too. If you’re a Guided Erotica patron, it’ll automatically give you access, but everyone is free to come on inside and join us (so long as you’re of legal adult age in your region, and by signing up you confirm that you are).

Click here to cum inside:

There are lots of different rooms inside, based around your favorite erotic fantasies, including some more private room for patrons, where the action gets a lot more X, XX or XXX rated! 😉

Looking forward to seeing you in there!

Nicole. 😘😘