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Submissive Lesbian: Working Overtime

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You’re desperate for cash, and the women on the board are desperate for a hot slut to play with while they work late…

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I just love it when you’re desperate for cash. It opens up so many wonderful opportunities to force you into situations that you’d otherwise try and avoid. It makes you vulnerable and pliable, and I’ve been waiting for just the right moment to take full advantage of you. Now the women in management can put you to full and fun use.

There’s a management meeting going on at the office that’ll run late into the evening. We’re restructuring the whole company, and naturally that puts a low-level slut like you in a very precarious position. I know you can’t afford to lose this job, so if you want to avoid the cull you need to make yourself as valuable as possible to us.

You do want to keep your job, right?

Good girl. Of course you do. Then I’m going to need you to work overtime as my assistant this evening. Make sure you’re taking notes at the management meeting and keeping the coffee coming for myself and the ladies on the board.

It’s going to be a lot of stressful hard work, so you’ll make sure you give us something good to look at. You’ll provide the entertainment during the breaks. Everyone at the office knows what a willing whore you are, and tonight you’re going to prove it, or lose your job…


Run a hand over your tits, naked beneath the fabric of your tight little shirt, and then down over the front of your skirt to feel your eager little pussy getting warmed up and ready for an evening’s work serving a room full of powerful women.


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