How to Add a Guided Erotica Ebook to Your iPhone or iPad

The iPhone and iPad both come equipped with a pretty good ereader app, iBooks. If you bought your Guided Erotica ebooks from the App Store, that’s where you’ll find them with no extra effort required.

If you bought them here or of have them as an ePub file, you’ll need to sync them over manually in order to read them.

Note that if you use the Kindle app on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll use a different procedure to add these files to your Kindle library, which you can see here. It’s also worth noting that the Kindle uses MOBI ebooks, rather than ePubs. There’s no difference between them, other than compatibility with your favorite device/apps.
Sadly, this operation requires the awful, cumbersome digital headache that is iTunes. So the procedure below assumes you already have iTunes installed on your Mac or PC.

1) Launch iTunes

Open up iTunes on your computer. It doesn’t matter if you connect your iPhone or iPad yet, but you might as well in case it starts backing itself up. You might as well let it get that over with while you’re busy elsewhere.

Click the “File” menu, and select “Add to Library…”. Navigate to your Guided Erotica ePub file and select it. This adds the ebook to your iTunes library, but not to your iPhone or iPad, so we’re not quite finished yet.

2) Connect Your Device

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer if you haven’t already, and it’ll appear in iTunes (eventually). When it’s finished syncing or backing up or doing five other necessarily complicated yet simple tasks, select your iPhone or iPad in the “Devices” section.

It now displays your device’s library.

3) Select and Sync

Open the “Books” tab and either select the “Sync All” radio button to sync every ebook in your iTunes library to your device, or go with the “Sync Selected” option that lets you choose specific ebooks to sync.

Once your made your selection of ebooks to send to your iPhone or iPad, click the “Sync” button. Once it’s finished, your Guided Erotica stories should be ready and waiting to get you hot and bothered in iBooks!

Alternative Option

If you hate iTunes as much as I do, you might want to try this alternative.

Instead of syncing your ePub files the long winded way, you can email them to yourself (or whichever email address you can access on your iPhone/iPad) as an attachment, open the email on your device and tap the ePub file.


How to Add a Guided Erotica Ebook to Your Kindle

Assuming you didn’t buy directly from the Amazon Kindle store, it’s pretty simple to add a Guided Erotica ebook to your Kindle library manually. And that goes for Kindle apps on your smartphone or tablet.

The Kindle accepts ebook files in the “” and “” file formats. If you’ve downloaded one from Guided Erotica, here’s how to send it to your Kindle library via email.
Amazon only allows email addresses approved by you to send ebooks (or personal documents, as Amazon likes to call them) to your devices. This prevents people spamming your Kindle, so it’s a good feature. What we need to do is ensure your personal email address is on the list, so you can email your Guided Erotica ebooks to your Kindle.

Let’s take a look at the process.

1) Go to Amazon

Go to (the “myk” stands for “manager your Kindle,” if that helps) in the web browser on your computer. Sign in to your account if asked.

Note that this needs to be the same Amazon account that your Kindle is registered to.

Click the “Settings” tab if you’re not already on it.How to add ebook to Kindle 1

2) Add an Approved Email

Scroll down to “Personal Document Settings” and click the title to expand that section.

Click the “Add a new approved e-mail address” link in the “Approved Personal Document E-mail List” section. This allows you to add your personal email address to the list.

Enter your email address and click the “Add Address” button. You can now send your Guided Erotica ebooks to your Kindle from that email.How to add ebook to Kindle 2

3) Find Your Kindle’s Email Address

Every Kindle device and app has its own unique email address, where you’ll send your Guided Erotica ebooks. It’s worth noting that you only have to send each file to one of your Kindles (assuming you have more than one) and it’ll be in your library and available to all devices and apps.

Back in the “Personal Document Settings” on Amazon, look at the “Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings” part. This is a list of your Kindle device(s) and/or apps, with their respective email addresses.

Take note of the email for the device you want to send your Guided Erotica ebook(s) to.How to add ebook to Kindle 3


4) Send as an Email Attachment

Now you can go to your usual email client and compose a new message with your Kindle email address as the recipient.

Attach your Guided Erotica ebook file to the email. Make sure you’re sending the message from the approved email address you added to your Amazon account in step 2.

You don’t need any other content in your email besides the attachment. You don’t even need a subject line. Just send the attachment, give it a minute or two to get where it’s going, and then sync your Kindle device/app.

Your Guided Erotica ebooks should now be there in your library, ready to turn you on and get you off!