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Submissive Lesbian: Room Serviced

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I test your limits by tying you to the hotel bed when I go out. The three maids who find you decide to take full advantage of what they find…

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It turns me on so fucking much to leave you alone and compromised while I go out and enjoy myself. I want you nice and blushing and humiliated when you have to explain to people why you missed work because you were naked, and tied to the bed in my hotel room. The looks on their faces, and your red cheeks, will be so fucking sexy.

So now that I’ve got you spreadeagled face down on the bed, with your arms and legs tied nice and tightly to each corner, I’ll be heading out. But I did see how that maid looked at you with sheer lust when I made you answer the door to her naked earlier on… I’ll leave her a note, letting her know that she’s more than welcome to explore her lust with you.

That you’re fair game to be used and abused in any way she likes, and that nothing at all is off the table no matter how much you might protest. It’s what you’re for, after all.


Let’s get you in position, my sweet little slut. Get naked, and lay down on the bed, on your stomach. You can prop yourself up on your elbows with your phone or ebook on the pillow, so you can carry on reading. Open your ankles nice and wide, so the maids have nice, easy access to that tight, slutty pussy of yours…


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