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FFM Threesomes: Wedding Head

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A sexy adventure that takes you to the limits when a soon-to-be husband and wife catch you masturbating in the wedding dress store.


It’s been dead in the wedding hire shop where you work, and the other girls have gone home, leaving you to finish the shift until the store closes. Not that you particularly mind. It’s fun having the large, plush store to yourself, lounging around on the ornate sofas, browsing porn on your phone and sneaking glances at yourself in the array of mirrors that line the walls.

You haven’t even seen anyone walk past the windows in the last hour, and swiping through all these sexy photos, gifs and videos has got your temperature rising. The store’s windows are mirror-coated, so when the sun is on the front of the building as it is right now, it’s hard for anyone to see past the window dressings and mannequins.
So you don’t feel too self-conscious sneaking an occasional rub of your pussy while you’re browsing, since no one’s going to see you there leaning back on the long, curved, lavish sofa with your knees apart and a hand between your soft, smooth thighs.

In a daring fit of lustful excitement you quickly check the shop front to make sure it’s clear, and then you slip off your panties for a bit of extra thrill while you porn surf. It’s an exhilarating and liberating feeling, and makes you feel frisky, and more than a little naughty as you slip and hand beneath your dress to feel the free and naked pussy beneath.

Which is why you almost leap out of your skin when the door chime echoes through the store and you leap to your feet, instantly blushing and frantically looking for your panties. Before you can pick them up from floor just in front of the sofa, the tall, beautiful couple who just entered are looking right at you, slightly perplexed at how flustered you are.

All you can do is quickly kick them beneath the sofa, turn the porn off on your phone and go over to greet them.
separatorLet’s get you in position and ready, shall we? Stand up to carry on reading, in front of your mirror, and slowly slide your panties off from beneath your dress. Reach a hand under there briefly and watch yourself do it in the mirror, just to let yourself know what it feels like to be going commando, touching yourself while you’re standing there in front of people. Remain stood up as you carry on reading.


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FFM Threesomes: Cummuters

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Cummuters takes you on an erotic journey in a busy subway, when a beautiful, statuesque wife encourages her husband to ride you, as well as the train.

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The last train didn’t arrive. It’s been a hellish week, and all you want to do is get home, have some wine, strip off your skirt and panties, put on some porn and spend the night masturbating under a blanket.

Now you have an extra half hour standing on the packed train platform with an increasing throng of other commuters jostling for prime position for pushing their way onto the train. A train that’s going to be like squeezing inside a sardine can by the time it arrives.

And, of course, it doesn’t disappoint. You’ll be damned if you’re the only one who doesn’t make it onto the train after such a long wait, and you manage to elbow your way just inside the doors as they close. You’re crammed in, and an announcement tells your that because of the previous train having broken down, your usual 20 minute journey is likely to be twice as long.

The train sets off with a jolt, and being in the middle of the throng that’s bustling by the doors, you almost fall over. A hand against your shoulder steadies you, and you look up at a smiling, handsomely rugged man a few years older than you with a square jaw and a warm smile beneath deeply brown eyes. He’s squashed in to one side of the doors, holding onto the vertical handle, with a strikingly beautiful woman with silky, razor-straight blonde hair that reaches halfway down her tall, statuesque frame.

He creates a sliver of space between them and gestures at the handle he and the woman are both holding onto, and you squeeze into the gap to take hold of it and steady yourself. You thank him, and adjust your position to set your feet more firmly, putting your back to him and leaving you staring straight into the ample breasts of the beautiful woman.

She smiles at you, and when you look down nervously you see a wedding ring on her hand. She’s presumably married to the guy who’s solid chest is pressing up against your back right now. Despite your best efforts, your eyes keep returning to her beautiful, pouting cleavage, and you look away quickly when she deliberately clears her throat and makes her full tits bounce right in front of you.

It’s a ridiculously awkward situation, but you find yourself noticing a pleasant warmth spreading between your thighs…


Stand up as you continue reading. Keep your dildo nearby, but you don’t need it for a moment. Run a flat palm down the front of your body, over your stomach on push nice and firmly over your pussy as it slides all the way down. Feel yourself squashed between the firm, alluring bodies of this attractive, seductive couple who coaxed you in between them so easily. Keep rubbing up and down the front of your clothes in long, firm, slow strokes as you read on…


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