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Group Submission: The Party Favor

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It’s the first time you’re invited to a friend’s swanky party, and newcomers are always the “party favor”; there to pleasure the others…


It’s your first time at a fancy party like this, so you were already extremely nervous. It sounds like a big crowd just through the door. You can hear people chatting and laughing quite loudly, and glasses are clinking away. Sounds like they’re already quite drunk.

Your heart is beating like a jackhammer as you remove the last of your clothing. You have to force your trembling knees open to let your panties drop to the floor. It’s not cold, but you’re shivering; your nipples are stiff and pert, and as you hug yourself you can feel the goose flesh all over your arms, and tits, and chest.

Your hostess is much taller than you, in a long, slinky red dress that goes all the way to the floor. She looks you up and down slowly, smiling broadly as she inspects your terrified nakedness. You look down at the floor meekly while she circles you, looking at every inch of your naked, vulnerable body.

Laughing, she says, “Oh my yes! My guests are going to love you!” Leaning into your ear and sending a sharp tingle down your spine as she whispers straight into it, she says, “You should be nervous, you gorgeous little whore.”


Do exactly what you’re doing as you wait to go into your party, slut. Stand up, and strip off your bottom half. You can leave your top on for now. It’s your pussy we want exposed. And leave your panties around your ankles, so you can feel like a naughty little girl who’s been bad, and is being punished. Stand there, just like that, feeling vulnerable and exposed while you carry on reading.

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