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Submissive Lesbian: Hardcore Lesbian Workout

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Grabbed while pleasuring yourself in the gym showers, a gang of strong, powerful lesbians tie you up to use and abuse you however they want…

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My three friends and I have been waiting for you at the gym. Waiting for you to finish, and go for a shower. It’s late, so the gym’s very quiet, and you’re all alone as you lather yourself up under the hot water.

Your hands begin to stray a little, as they often do when you’re nicely covered in soap and bubbles. The feel of your soft, smooth tits as the shower gel courses over them makes your nipples stiffen and your clit tingle. Your hands follow the flow of water and soap down over your body, which is still tight from your workout, until they reach your pussy, and glide between your legs and over your soft, warm pussy.

Just as two fingers slip easily inside your wet, soapy, warming cunt, and a long, grateful moan escapes your lips. You open your eyes after a few moments of pleasure, and see a solid, stocky woman leaning on the wall just outside the open showers. She’s devouring you with her eyes, and you quickly pull your fingers out of your pussy in utter embarrassment.
separatorStand up as you’re reading this. It’ll make you feel more exposed and vulnerable as we get started on you!


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