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Guided Erotica Rating System

Because these stories are very unique in the erotic fiction world, I’ve applied a ratings system to help you understand the level of sexual content you can expect in each volume, and in each individual story. The rating will be displayed on the cover, on the sales pages and inside each e-book so please pay attention when choosing what to read.

That being said, remember that every single one of these stories involves your participation (in terms of masturbation) and is intended to result in an orgasm. So they’re all sexually explicit. It’s just a question of how hardcore each story gets!


The softest of my three ratings, this involves a consensual storyline in which your character is seduced, or seduces, a willing partner (or partners) in a more romantic and sexually pedestrian situation.


Things are heating up here, and you can expect some much more graphic situations and sterner language in the guided instructions. Your character might also encounter a bit more risk, but they’ll never be completely out of their comfort zone.


These stories take things to the limits. Non consensual story lines, group stuff, BDSM, forced orgasms, rape fantasies and outrageously explicit dialogue, instructions and content. (Note, however, that none of my content will ever include underage sex or bestiality).