Hi there! I’m Nicole Swann, and I’m the author of the Guided Erotica stories that (hopefully) brought you here.

This all began while flirting with some very hot and horny ladies on Tumblr. You know how it goes. A boring job leads to erotic thoughts in an effort to while the day away, and Tumblr’s a great source of inspiration for those kinds of sexy thoughts.

As the number of posts in my Tumblr and BDSMLR blogs began to grow, so did the number of followers, and the number of comments. Before you know it, you’re chatting with people who share similar fantasies, and the anonymity allows for some very candid and horny conversations!

One of which, some time ago, resulted in my scribbling some erotic fiction to share with a hot woman I was chatting with, and I included some instructions so her masturbatory rhythm matched the events in the story and bam! Guided Erotica was born!

I shared it in a similar fashion with quite a few sexy ladies across Tumblr and received an equal and universally enthusiastic reaction, so I decided to try formatting these stories into eBooks. All of which brings us to here, and now.

So I hope you enjoy my eBooks, and remember; don’t take them too seriously, don’t go getting fantasies and realities confused (for you or for me), and most important of all, always follow the instructions!