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Submissive Lesbian: Lending You to the Ladies

You asked to be treat like a slutty little sex toy, so that’s exactly what my friends and I are going to use you for! Now get undressed…

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You asked to be treat like a slutty little sex toy, so that’s exactly what my friends and I are going to use you for! Get undressed…


Sharing a hot, willing slut like you among my friends is a real fantasy of mine. Having us all gather together, to put a beautiful young thing to use for our pleasure gets me soooo juiced up!

Getting a dozen women around to my house one morning, during the week, with the promise of a lovely, slutty surprise for them. They’re all in the living room having some wine, chatting about work, and TV, and nothing in particular. Meanwhile, I’ve answered the door, and you’re stood there, nervous and shy. I look you up and down for a long time, making you stand there and wait, and feel your cheeks getting hot and blushing while I drink you in.

Show me your tits, and I’ll decide if you can come in. I don’t care if the neighbors can see. Lift up your top, and let me look at those soft round tits, so I know if you’re what my ladies want.

No bra on, with such beautiful breasts like yours and that skimpy top which hides nothing at all! My, you’re such a fucking slut. Clearly a willing little whore, going out in public like that. Filthy.

Okay, you can come in now, but I didn’t tell you to pull your top back down. If you’re going to go out dressed all slutty like that, you can just leave your fucking tits on show, understand?


If you’re thinking about touching yourself while reading this, you’re not allowed to cum yet. Take down your skirt or pants, and hold your pretty pussy open, but no fingering and no touching your clit. Just open yourself up for me.


You can hear a room full of women on the other side of the door, but I grab you by the hair and pull you upstairs, into the bedroom. I close the door, and push you against the wall. Now stand there, facing the wall, and strip off.

Give all your clothes to me, and stand there, naked, facing the wall. Mmm, what a sexy, supple body my pretty little whore has. Just wait right there. I’ll be back soon, but you stay facing the wall, and don’t you dare look over your shoulder when I get back.


I hope your pussy is still open. You can move your fingers up and down now, but only very slowly, and only while holding yourself open for me. No clit, and no penetration yet. Just feel that lovely velvet cunt getting wetter and wetter.

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