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Exhibitionist Lesbian: Caught in the Changing Room

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While masturbating in the clothes store changing room, a hot young assistant catches you, and the whole shop get to watch you put on a show.


You just can’t take it any longer. You’re always horny as fuck, but it’s especially bad today. It doesn’t matter that you’re at the mall, and an hour away from home, and all that hot Patreon porn. A desperate fucking whore like you can’t wait that long. You need to get yourself off, and quickly.
Let’s get you warmed up and horny. Don’t take any clothes off, but give yourself a rub over them, and think about your pussy starting to get wet as you do it.
It’s not like you can sit on a bench, take out your phone and finger fuck yourself (as much as you’d like to, you little slut), so you head into a clothes store and make for the changing rooms.
On your way through the store, you notice some cute outfits and it gives you an idea. Being such a horny fucking whore, you don’t care whether you’re getting off to porn with guys, girls, lesbians or whatever. So if you want something sexy to jerk off to, what’s wrong with checking out your own hot body, soft tits and wet pussy?
You grab a tiny, lacy set of red lingerie (a skimpy bra, thong, stockings and suspenders) off the hanger as you pass, and then swap them for a smaller size so they’ll be extra tight on your lovely figure.
You dash into the changing room, whip the curtain across the door, and hurriedly start getting undressed in front of the full-length mirror. You already know this is a great idea, and it’s going to work perfectly. It’s like watching another woman tearing her clothes off in front of you, desperate to get herself into something skimpy and sexy just to turn you on and make you cum.
Do the same. Find a mirror and take a look at your own body, as if it were someone else’s. You don’t have to get fully undressed (although do if the opportunity’s there!); but lift your top, take down your panties, and check out your tits and lovely little cunt, imagining it’s another woman standing in front of you, wanting you to look at her hot, naked body. Touch her pussy for her and get her wet before we continue…

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