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FFM Threesomes: Wedding Head

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A sexy adventure that takes you to the limits when a soon-to-be husband and wife catch you masturbating in the wedding dress store.


It’s been dead in the wedding hire shop where you work, and the other girls have gone home, leaving you to finish the shift until the store closes. Not that you particularly mind. It’s fun having the large, plush store to yourself, lounging around on the ornate sofas, browsing porn on your phone and sneaking glances at yourself in the array of mirrors that line the walls.

You haven’t even seen anyone walk past the windows in the last hour, and swiping through all these sexy photos, gifs and videos has got your temperature rising. The store’s windows are mirror-coated, so when the sun is on the front of the building as it is right now, it’s hard for anyone to see past the window dressings and mannequins.
So you don’t feel too self-conscious sneaking an occasional rub of your pussy while you’re browsing, since no one’s going to see you there leaning back on the long, curved, lavish sofa with your knees apart and a hand between your soft, smooth thighs.

In a daring fit of lustful excitement you quickly check the shop front to make sure it’s clear, and then you slip off your panties for a bit of extra thrill while you porn surf. It’s an exhilarating and liberating feeling, and makes you feel frisky, and more than a little naughty as you slip and hand beneath your dress to feel the free and naked pussy beneath.

Which is why you almost leap out of your skin when the door chime echoes through the store and you leap to your feet, instantly blushing and frantically looking for your panties. Before you can pick them up from floor just in front of the sofa, the tall, beautiful couple who just entered are looking right at you, slightly perplexed at how flustered you are.

All you can do is quickly kick them beneath the sofa, turn the porn off on your phone and go over to greet them.
separatorLet’s get you in position and ready, shall we? Stand up to carry on reading, in front of your mirror, and slowly slide your panties off from beneath your dress. Reach a hand under there briefly and watch yourself do it in the mirror, just to let yourself know what it feels like to be going commando, touching yourself while you’re standing there in front of people. Remain stood up as you carry on reading.


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Discord is a free messenger system, a bit like Slack or Skype, or like old internet chat rooms used to be. It lets people get together online to talk about… well, anything at all! In our case, the Guided Erotica chat rooms are there for us to chat about our fantasies, favorite erotica, porn and any other sexy talk you might want to enjoy with like-minded adults! 😍

It’s completely free to join, and it’s totally anonymous, too. If you’re a Guided Erotica patron, it’ll automatically give you access, but everyone is free to come on inside and join us (so long as you’re of legal adult age in your region, and by signing up you confirm that you are).

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There are lots of different rooms inside, based around your favorite erotic fantasies, including some more private room for patrons, where the action gets a lot more X, XX or XXX rated! 😉

Looking forward to seeing you in there!

Nicole. 😘😘

Featured XX Rated

Submissive Lesbian: Bachelorette Party Plaything

Out now on the Guided Erotica Patreon for XX patrons!

A sexy, Guided Erotica story in which I let you you repay a debt by working as a plaything for a horny group of drunk women in my club.

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You were very lucky, getting used by all my friends at my house. I let you show off to them like the hot little whore that you are, and now I figure you owe me one. So you’ll be coming to work for free in my bar tonight. It’s gonna be really busy and chaotic, with all the parties that are booked in.

You’ll have to wear this short black cocktail dress that my last waitress had. It won’t fit you — she was so tiny. So you won’t be wearing anything underneath it. It’s far too tight for underwear.


Before we get started, strip off your bottom half. Leave the top, but I want you nice and exposed and on show from the waist down.


Oh my yes, that should get the customers buying lots of drinks. Short, low cut, lots of shapely legs and round tits on show. You might almost as well be naked, you fucking little slut.

You’ll be serving a bachelorette party that’s booked in. They’ve been before and these women are savages. But they pay well so you’ll do whatever they want. You still owe me, remember, so make sure you obey. Nothing’s off the table for these women, understand?

You can see them just over there, dancing and shouting. Oh my god, they’re drunk already! This is going to be so much fun, watching what they do to you! Go take their drinks order.

That’s the bride-to-be, waving that huge dildo around. Beautiful, isn’t she? She’s a gym instructor by day, and strong as hell. Go introduce yourself to her. Tell her that you’re theirs to do with whatever they want, all night.

I don’t care if you’re scared! You belong to me, and I’m giving you to them.


Sit down on the edge of the seat and open your legs wide. As wide as they’ll go. Now touch one finger ever so gently on your clit. Just hold it there until I tell you what to do next.


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FFM Threesomes: Cummuters

Out now on the Guided Erotica Patreon for all patrons!

Cummuters takes you on an erotic journey in a busy subway, when a beautiful, statuesque wife encourages her husband to ride you, as well as the train.

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The last train didn’t arrive. It’s been a hellish week, and all you want to do is get home, have some wine, strip off your skirt and panties, put on some porn and spend the night masturbating under a blanket.

Now you have an extra half hour standing on the packed train platform with an increasing throng of other commuters jostling for prime position for pushing their way onto the train. A train that’s going to be like squeezing inside a sardine can by the time it arrives.

And, of course, it doesn’t disappoint. You’ll be damned if you’re the only one who doesn’t make it onto the train after such a long wait, and you manage to elbow your way just inside the doors as they close. You’re crammed in, and an announcement tells your that because of the previous train having broken down, your usual 20 minute journey is likely to be twice as long.

The train sets off with a jolt, and being in the middle of the throng that’s bustling by the doors, you almost fall over. A hand against your shoulder steadies you, and you look up at a smiling, handsomely rugged man a few years older than you with a square jaw and a warm smile beneath deeply brown eyes. He’s squashed in to one side of the doors, holding onto the vertical handle, with a strikingly beautiful woman with silky, razor-straight blonde hair that reaches halfway down her tall, statuesque frame.

He creates a sliver of space between them and gestures at the handle he and the woman are both holding onto, and you squeeze into the gap to take hold of it and steady yourself. You thank him, and adjust your position to set your feet more firmly, putting your back to him and leaving you staring straight into the ample breasts of the beautiful woman.

She smiles at you, and when you look down nervously you see a wedding ring on her hand. She’s presumably married to the guy who’s solid chest is pressing up against your back right now. Despite your best efforts, your eyes keep returning to her beautiful, pouting cleavage, and you look away quickly when she deliberately clears her throat and makes her full tits bounce right in front of you.

It’s a ridiculously awkward situation, but you find yourself noticing a pleasant warmth spreading between your thighs…


Stand up as you continue reading. Keep your dildo nearby, but you don’t need it for a moment. Run a flat palm down the front of your body, over your stomach on push nice and firmly over your pussy as it slides all the way down. Feel yourself squashed between the firm, alluring bodies of this attractive, seductive couple who coaxed you in between them so easily. Keep rubbing up and down the front of your clothes in long, firm, slow strokes as you read on…


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Submissive Lesbian: Room Serviced

Out now on the Guided Erotica Patreon for XXX patrons!

I test your limits by tying you to the hotel bed when I go out. The three maids who find you decide to take full advantage of what they find…

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It turns me on so fucking much to leave you alone and compromised while I go out and enjoy myself. I want you nice and blushing and humiliated when you have to explain to people why you missed work because you were naked, and tied to the bed in my hotel room. The looks on their faces, and your red cheeks, will be so fucking sexy.

So now that I’ve got you spreadeagled face down on the bed, with your arms and legs tied nice and tightly to each corner, I’ll be heading out. But I did see how that maid looked at you with sheer lust when I made you answer the door to her naked earlier on… I’ll leave her a note, letting her know that she’s more than welcome to explore her lust with you.

That you’re fair game to be used and abused in any way she likes, and that nothing at all is off the table no matter how much you might protest. It’s what you’re for, after all.


Let’s get you in position, my sweet little slut. Get naked, and lay down on the bed, on your stomach. You can prop yourself up on your elbows with your phone or ebook on the pillow, so you can carry on reading. Open your ankles nice and wide, so the maids have nice, easy access to that tight, slutty pussy of yours…


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Cuckquean Chronicles: The Escort Option

Out now on the Guided Erotica Patreon for XX patrons!

The Escort Option was so much simpler than you anticipated! It turns out that hiring a woman to seduce and fuck your husband while you watch is a very easy option.

Join now, and find out what happens next!


Hiring a hooker wasn’t anything like you assumed it’d be. Your mind was filled with images from the TV when the idea first occurred to you about bringing in a professional for your husband’s birthday.

You pictured yourself driving along a seedy street. Rolling the window down and being approached by a character from the beginning of Pretty Woman. All the time you’d be terrified you’re about to wind up in jail!

But actually doing it was nothing like that. As with everything else, it was handled by a quick trip to the internet. A Reddit post told you everything you needed to know about finding a reputable escort website. It gave you the phrases to look for that meant you could get more than the girls were able to publicly offer.

Admittedly you’re nervous as hell, waiting for a knock on the door. Your husband’s starting to look at you rather suspiciously. You try look casual, and settle in to spend his birthday evening together in front of the TV. He clearly likes the skimpy negligee you’re wearing. He looks you up and down as you lean back in the sofa.

Little does he know that you’re both expecting company. Nor that his birthday present will fulfill one of your all time fantasies. Watching him fuck another woman.

You almost jump out of your seat when the doorbell rings. You quickly insist that your husband doesn’t answer it. You’ll go…


Let’s get you in position, you naughty little slut! You’re to wear something nice and skimpy, like a nightshirt, lingerie or negligee. Go sit on the sofa and get nice and comfortable as you carry on reading.


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How to Add a Guided Erotica Ebook to Your iPhone or iPad

The iPhone and iPad both come equipped with a pretty good ereader app, iBooks. If you bought your Guided Erotica ebooks from the App Store, that’s where you’ll find them with no extra effort required.

If you bought them here or of have them as an ePub file, you’ll need to sync them over manually in order to read them.

Note that if you use the Kindle app on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll use a different procedure to add these files to your Kindle library, which you can see here. It’s also worth noting that the Kindle uses MOBI ebooks, rather than ePubs. There’s no difference between them, other than compatibility with your favorite device/apps.
Sadly, this operation requires the awful, cumbersome digital headache that is iTunes. So the procedure below assumes you already have iTunes installed on your Mac or PC.

1) Launch iTunes

Open up iTunes on your computer. It doesn’t matter if you connect your iPhone or iPad yet, but you might as well in case it starts backing itself up. You might as well let it get that over with while you’re busy elsewhere.

Click the “File” menu, and select “Add to Library…”. Navigate to your Guided Erotica ePub file and select it. This adds the ebook to your iTunes library, but not to your iPhone or iPad, so we’re not quite finished yet.

2) Connect Your Device

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer if you haven’t already, and it’ll appear in iTunes (eventually). When it’s finished syncing or backing up or doing five other necessarily complicated yet simple tasks, select your iPhone or iPad in the “Devices” section.

It now displays your device’s library.

3) Select and Sync

Open the “Books” tab and either select the “Sync All” radio button to sync every ebook in your iTunes library to your device, or go with the “Sync Selected” option that lets you choose specific ebooks to sync.

Once your made your selection of ebooks to send to your iPhone or iPad, click the “Sync” button. Once it’s finished, your Guided Erotica stories should be ready and waiting to get you hot and bothered in iBooks!

Alternative Option

If you hate iTunes as much as I do, you might want to try this alternative.

Instead of syncing your ePub files the long winded way, you can email them to yourself (or whichever email address you can access on your iPhone/iPad) as an attachment, open the email on your device and tap the ePub file.


How to Add a Guided Erotica Ebook to Your Kindle

Assuming you didn’t buy directly from the Amazon Kindle store, it’s pretty simple to add a Guided Erotica ebook to your Kindle library manually. And that goes for Kindle apps on your smartphone or tablet.

The Kindle accepts ebook files in the “” and “” file formats. If you’ve downloaded one from Guided Erotica, here’s how to send it to your Kindle library via email.
Amazon only allows email addresses approved by you to send ebooks (or personal documents, as Amazon likes to call them) to your devices. This prevents people spamming your Kindle, so it’s a good feature. What we need to do is ensure your personal email address is on the list, so you can email your Guided Erotica ebooks to your Kindle.

Let’s take a look at the process.

1) Go to Amazon

Go to (the “myk” stands for “manager your Kindle,” if that helps) in the web browser on your computer. Sign in to your account if asked.

Note that this needs to be the same Amazon account that your Kindle is registered to.

Click the “Settings” tab if you’re not already on it.How to add ebook to Kindle 1

2) Add an Approved Email

Scroll down to “Personal Document Settings” and click the title to expand that section.

Click the “Add a new approved e-mail address” link in the “Approved Personal Document E-mail List” section. This allows you to add your personal email address to the list.

Enter your email address and click the “Add Address” button. You can now send your Guided Erotica ebooks to your Kindle from that email.How to add ebook to Kindle 2

3) Find Your Kindle’s Email Address

Every Kindle device and app has its own unique email address, where you’ll send your Guided Erotica ebooks. It’s worth noting that you only have to send each file to one of your Kindles (assuming you have more than one) and it’ll be in your library and available to all devices and apps.

Back in the “Personal Document Settings” on Amazon, look at the “Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings” part. This is a list of your Kindle device(s) and/or apps, with their respective email addresses.

Take note of the email for the device you want to send your Guided Erotica ebook(s) to.How to add ebook to Kindle 3


4) Send as an Email Attachment

Now you can go to your usual email client and compose a new message with your Kindle email address as the recipient.

Attach your Guided Erotica ebook file to the email. Make sure you’re sending the message from the approved email address you added to your Amazon account in step 2.

You don’t need any other content in your email besides the attachment. You don’t even need a subject line. Just send the attachment, give it a minute or two to get where it’s going, and then sync your Kindle device/app.

Your Guided Erotica ebooks should now be there in your library, ready to turn you on and get you off!