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Submissive Lesbian 02: Bachelorette Party Plaything

Submissive Lesbian 02: Bachelorette Party Plaything

Forced to serve a gang of horny, drunken women at a bachelorette party, you’re soon turned into a plaything for their group pleasure…

Here’s a taster. Here’s the full story.

Submissive Lesbian 02: Bachelorette Party Plaything

You’ll be serving a bachelorette party that’s booked in. They’ve been before and these women are savages. But they pay well so you’ll do whatever they want. You still owe me, remember, so make sure you obey. Nothing’s off the table for these women, understand?

You can see them just over there, dancing and shouting. Oh my god, they’re drunk already! This is going to be so much fun, watching what they do to you! Go take their drinks order.

That’s the bride-to-be, waving that huge dildo around. Beautiful, isn’t she? She’s a gym instructor by day, and strong as hell. Go introduce yourself to her. Tell her that you’re theirs to do with whatever they want, all night.

I don’t care if you’re scared! You belong to me, and I’m giving you to them…


Sit down on the edge of the seat and open your legs wide. As wide as they’ll go. Now touch one finger ever so gently on your clit. Just hold it there until I tell you what to do next.


I whisper to one of the bridesmaids that you’re a little lesbian slut. She screams with delight and runs over to tell the rest.

“In that case, she can get us some tongue!” the bride shouts again, and her girls all cheer. Before you know what’s happening, one of the bridesmaids grabs hold of the back of your neck with one hand. She takes hold of your face with the other, and pushes her tongue all the way into you mouth. The girls roar as she forces you to make out with her.

She’s so strong and you can’t pull away. All you can do is let her into your mouth and do whatever she wants. You don’t even know what she looks like, but you can hear her friends cheering for “Fran”.

Your face is wet when she finally pulls away. You see a very pretty, bigger girl looking back at you with delighted, hungry eyes. She grabs at your breast and squeezes it hard. Then she delightedly shouts to the rest that you’re definitely a little fucking whore. You’re not even wearing a bra!

Another woman grabs your face, and also kisses you deeply. This one’s a lot taller, and you have to lean backwards until you’re almost falling over to meet her lips. Her mouth opens and closes a lot more than Fran’s did. She licks at your mouth like she’s drinking from it.

A strong hand (Fran’s, for sure) is grabbing at your ass. She pulls your tiny dress out of the way. Now she can reach underneath to touch your exposed pussy. Someone else is massaging your left tit. It feels like you’re almost being lifted off the floor, there are so many hands groping you…

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