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Submissive Lesbian 01: Room Serviced

Submissive Lesbian 01: Room Serviced

Tied to the a hotel bed and subjected to the whims of the three horny, opportunistic maids, this is a brand new Guided Erotica story for anyone who loves submissive lesbian erotica!

Here’s a sample, and here’s the full experience!

Submissive Lesbian 01: Room Serviced

Now I’ve got you spreadeagled face down on the bed. Your arms and legs tied nice and tightly to each corner. So I’ll be heading out. But I did see how that maid looked at you with sheer lust when I made you answer the door to her naked earlier on. I’ll leave her a note, letting her know that she’s more than welcome to explore her lust with you.

I leave you struggling against your ropes. You have orders to be submissive and obedient for the maid if she comes in and asks you anything. I can see how terrified you are about being exposed and vulnerable like this, which is just lovely! I let you know I’ll be leaving the door unlocked, and head out on my way.

It’s only about an hour before there’s a light tap at the door. It feels like it’s been days since I left you all alone and naked and defenseless. Your stomach turns a somersault when the door creaks open. Straining to look over your shoulder, you see the maid stood at the foot of your bed. She’s looking at your with complete shock in her wide eyes!


Let’s see if my little slut’s getting ready for her forced lesbian training yet. Slide a hand down underneath and stroke your pussy nice and slowly as you carry on reading. But no fingers inside yet. Just soft, slow, gentle strokes over your pretty, exposed cunt.


You hear the door close and wonder if the maid has left. Your heart skips several beats when she reappears next to you at the side of the bed, and picks the note back up.

“Here, read for yourself,” she says to someone in her thick Latino accent. Your butt clenches and you try to look over your shoulder when you realize there’s someone else in the room now too! This wasn’t part of the deal, but there’s nothing at all you can do about it. You’re under orders not to speak to the maid — or anyone — unless spoken to. The ropes are still nice and tight with no hope of freeing yourself.

You manage to strain to look behind you. There’s a tiny, young and very pretty Filipino girl with long straight hair and a severe fringe. With her is a thick-set girl with curly black hair and very smooth, smokey skin. They’re reading the note together, looking over at you, and smiling broadly!

“So, I think it’s time for our break!” says the bigger girl, her head tilted to the side so she can look straight up between your spread legs at your slick, shaved pussy.

“Really?” asks the Filipino girl excitedly. “Can we do it, for real?!”

The maid who first found you says, “Well, why not! It’s not like she can stop us when she’s tied up like this.” She has wavy brown hair with beautiful red highlights. Amazing tits are pushed up high under her uniform, and she has a stunning athletic figure.

The Filipino girl’s hands are on you in an instant. You flinch as she gropes your ass, feeling the tenderness of your toned butt. In moments she’s sliding her hands up the length of your back and lacing her fingers into your hair. She takes hold with both hands, and you gasp as she pulls your hair and lifts your head up off the pillow.

You feel more hands on your body now. The other two women are exploring you. You feel long, soft strokes of their fingertips up and over the length of your body. Then they stop to grab and grope at your butt, thighs, arms and waist. All the while, the little Asian girl pulls your hair, making you even more immobile than you already were…

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