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The Escort Option Now Live on Patreon

The Escort Option Now Live on Patreon

A new threesome story that casts you as a wife who hires a gorgeous escort for her husband…

Here’s a preview!

Cuckquean Chronicles 01: The Escort Option

Hiring a hooker wasn’t anything like you assumed it’d be. Your mind was filled with images from the TV when the idea first occurred to you about bringing in a professional for your husband’s birthday.

You pictured yourself driving along a seedy street. Rolling the window down and being approached by a character from the beginning of Pretty Woman. All the time you’d be terrified you’re about to wind up in jail!

But actually doing it was nothing like that. As with everything else, it was handled by a quick trip to the internet. A Reddit post told you everything you needed to know about finding a reputable escort website. It gave you the phrases to look for that meant you could get more than the girls were able to publicly offer.

Admittedly you’re nervous as hell, waiting for a knock on the door. Your husband’s starting to look at you rather suspiciously. You try look casual, and settle in to spend his birthday evening together in front of the TV. He clearly likes the skimpy negligee you’re wearing. He looks you up and down as you lean back in the sofa.

Little does he know that you’re both expecting company. Nor that his birthday present will fulfill one of your all time fantasies. Watching him fuck another woman.

You almost jump out of your seat when the doorbell rings. You quickly insist that your husband doesn’t answer it. You’ll go…

Let’s get you in position, you naughty little slut! You’re to wear something nice and skimpy, like a nightshirt, lingerie or negligee. Go sit on the sofa and get nice and comfortable as you carry on reading.

You answer the door and stand there staring in surprise. You don’t say a word to the tall, elegant woman who’s looking back at you. It’s only now that you realize you’d no idea what you were expecting. Her profile picture was on the website, but she’s still a surprise.

There’s no way you’d ever guess this stunning woman’s profession. Her tight, maroon dress is high up her shapely, long, black-stocking thighs. On top she’s wearing a casual denim jacket. The effect is incredible. She looks like she could be dressed to go out after working in a swanky advertising agency.

Her hair is loosely curled to her jawline, which is defined and tight above her long, slender neck. Big brown eyes look you up and down. A seductive curl appears at the corner of her mouth.

“Nice outfit,” she smiles, and you blush as you realize how undressed you are. You find yourself giggling awkwardly. You usher her into the house, checking the street as she strides past you. You almost faint in a flash of desire when her sweet, floral perfume makes your head spin with delight.

“Hi,” she says with a smooth, light tone. “I’m Becky. So, am I here for you?” she asks, her weight shifting onto one long, coltish leg. Her hand casually hangs from the bag she’s got over her shoulder. Flustered, you shake your head and tell her no. Then correct yourself to say she’s kind of you. To your amazement she seems to understand. She looks over her shoulder with a wink toward the living room.

“Ah, I see,” she says, smiling at you knowingly…

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