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Log In to Guided Erotica Using Patreon

Log In to Guided Erotica Using Patreon

Did you know you can log in to the Guided Erotica website using Patreon? Here’s how!

Patreon Log In

If you subscribe to the Guided Erotica Patreon page, it obviously means you have a Patreon account. You can now use that to log in here, on the official Guided Erotica web page, too.

There are posts on here that are locked for non-subscribers. By signing in through Patreon, this website will detect that you’re a subscriber and automatically let you view any locked posts that match your Patreon tier/rating!

It’s a super simple way to check out the latest Guided Erotica stories, news and posts that are members-only.

Or you can register the normal way by signing up for the free newsletter. But that won’t get you into the super sexy stuff… 😉

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