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Guided Erotica Now on Patreon

Guided Erotica Now on Patreon

I’ve begun publishing my interactive erotic fiction on Patreon. This gives fans of Guided Erotica a way to get a lot more content, for a lot less money.

Guided Erotica Subscription

I’ll be posting new stories, news and blogs to Patreon multiple times a week. If you were buying these stories individually, they’d wind up costing quite a bit even though I only sell them at just a dollar or two. So I wanted to try a subscription option that would make all these sexy stories and posts a lot more accessible to those of you who are already big supporters of Guided Erotica.

Think about it like Netflix. If you had to pay for each film, series or even episode individually, even if there were only a few pennies each, you’d likely spend a lot more than the subscription cost each month.

Kindle, Apple Books, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble

That being said, I’ve surveyed some customers and there’s still a desire for the kind of digital publishing Guided Erotica is currently using.

I don’t want to stop publishing to the Kindle Store or Smashwords, however.

So I’ll be posting individual stories on Patreon first, and very regularly. Then, once a few stories have built up, I’ll release them as compilations, special editions and so forth as ebooks. I’m already looking at ways to give Patreon subscribers a special discount on these, which looks pretty simple.

Benefits of Patreon

One of the major benefits of taking Guided Erotica to Patreon is that it gives me a way to offer a gated Discord channel so you and I can talk and engage much more directly! Sure, I could do that anyway, but I’d have no way of knowing that you’re an adult. If you’re a Patreon subscriber, you’ve agreed to their terms and conditions already to verify your age.

Each different Patreon tier offers different kinds of access to the official Guided Erotica Discord. These are in line with the tier itself, which in turn are based on the Guided Erotica ratings. I also love the idea of you all getting a chance to talk to each other in a safe, anonymous environment, allowing us all to build a sexy, fun Guided Erotica community.

You’ll even be able to request stories, themes and characters! So sign up now, and let’s get chatting!

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