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Introducing Guided Erotica Singles


Up until now, Guided Erotica ebooks have contained three stories, and I’m still going to continue to produce my erotic, guided masturbation fiction in this format. I just feel like three is a good number when it comes to sexiness 😋

But I’ve been listening to your feedback, and a lot of people have asked for access to the stories individually, rather than in threes. And I can totally see your point.

Many of you have said that you want to mix up your erotic fiction reading, which makes perfect sense. Variety in your erotica keeps things extra sexy, after all!

So I’m preparing a sub-category called Guided Erotica Singles, which will feature individual stories rather than compilations of three. Pretty simple.

These will also be cheaper (they’re set at the lowest price point that the ebook stores, and payment processors will allow), while allowing those who enjoy compilations to save a few pennies by continuing to buy multiple stories in the usual Guided Erotica style. So everyone has the choice they want, which is what we’re all about at GuidedErotica.com! 😍

I’ve just published my first Guided Erotica Singles story over here, with more to come very, very soon!

Stay sexy!


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