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Get a Free Guided Erotica Ebook

Free erotic fiction

Want a free Guided Erotica ebook? No problem!

Thanks so much for visiting me here on my website. As a reward, I’ve just published a free Guided Erotica ebook, which contains two XX-rated guided masturbation stories for your reading pleasure; one with a lesbian theme, and the other’s a threesome!

There are three versions available to you. A PDF if you want to read it right away in your web browser, or there are Kindle and ePub options.

What’s even more exciting is that this free ebook currently contains an exclusive discount code that’ll give you 25% off your next Guided Erotica purchase. Better hurry though!

All you have to do is sign up below and once you’ve confirmed your email address I’ll send you a link to get your free erotic fiction ebook! No catches, no charges, and your information will never be sold, rented, given away or passed along – ever!


And when you’ve finished, head on over to our ebook section and put your 25% discount code to sexy use!


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