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Submissive Lesbian Guided Erotica: Lending You to the Ladies


Rating: XX

Themes: Submissive, lesbian, group.

In this collection of three erotic fiction stories, you’ll find yourself at the mercy and whims of three groups of dominant, horny women who’ll put you to full and frantic use as they fulfil their every desire!

1) Room Serviced

I test your limits by tying you to the hotel bed when I go out; face down, spread eagle, and completely naked. When I leave the door wide open three horny maids find you and decide to take full advantage of their sexy discovery!

2) The Bachelorette Party

I need someone pliable and supple to serve this drunken, horny batchelorette party at my club. Wearing nothing but a tiny cocktail dress, these women will turn you from a waitress into their personal, erotic entertainment. Whether you like it or not.

3) Working Overtime

There’s a board meeting of high powered, horny women, and you’ll be there to serve them coffee and take care of their needs late into the evening. And those needs will put you on your knees beneath the boardroom table to relieve their stress and service their desires.

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