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Want to know what Guided Erotica is all about? Then here's a FREE ebook, complete with a 25% discount code for your next purchase!

FFM Threesome Guided Erotica: Him, Her and You

Three erotic fiction stories where you'll experience the thrills and excitement of being seduced by a man and a woman at the same time.

Submissive Lesbian Guided Erotica: Lending You to the Ladies

A collection of three submissive, lesbian guided masturbation erotic stories. Get used by groups of horny, dominant women and experience the pleasure of being their personal sex toy firsthand!

How to Add a Guided Erotica Ebook to Your iPhone or iPad

If you bought your Guided Erotica here or of have them as an ePub file, you'll need to sync them over to your iPhone or iPad manually in order to read them. Here's how.

How to Add a Guided Erotica Ebook to Your Kindle

If you downloaded your Guided Erotica ebooks direct from here and need to manually send them to your Kindle, here's a simple procedure that anyone can follow to add them to a Kindle library and get their Guided Erotica on!